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Partnership with South Pole

ArboRise is proud to announce a strategic partnership with South Pole, a global leader in carbon reduction projects and strategies. South Pole develops and finances climate projects around the world (over 700 projects to date) to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and help the most vulnerable local communities adapt to climate change.

Under the Emission Reduction Partnership Agreement signed with South Pole, arboRise will benefit from

  • South Pole’s technical expertise to obtain carbon certification of our approach
  • South Pole’s resources to market the carbon credits generated by our reforestation campaigns
  • Pre-financing in the form of a loan to cover the costs of the planting phase

As a reminder, arboRise and the field-families make a mutual commitment over a 20-year period. Only the income from carbon credits will guarantee a fair remuneration for these families who commit their land to our project.

And only a carbon certification will guarantee to our donors

  • that the reforestation has actually been implemented (real)
  • that the reforestation would not have taken place without the project (additional)
  • that real biomass growth can be measured against a baseline, taking into account uncertainties and risks of leakage (e.g. if the project induces deforestation in other locations) (measurable)
  • that an external auditor from an accredited organisation has audited the project (verifiable)
  • that the sequestered carbon will be retained for 100 years (permanent)
  • That the sequestered carbon is only counted once (unique)

The agreement with South Pole is an essential step in making the project sustainable and ensuring its long-term economic viability.

South Pole