A tree: a lasting gift

You’re right: giving a tree, or even more than one, is quite a symbol. A tree lasts, it takes root, it spreads its branches towards the sky, it is a peaceful and strong being that brings well-being to a whole ecosystem.

…and a forest is of course even better!

Offer your loved ones a small forest that will grow and improve with them.

Here are the solutions we recommend:

Grove of trees

Forest of 10 trees of 10 species *
  • Small grove will grow big

Homogeneous bocage

Forest of 100 trees of 10 species *
  • A bushy thicket

Diversified bocage

Forest of 100 trees of 15 species
  • A nice little wood

Massive Forest

Forest of 100 trees of 40 species
  • Soon a real forest

Homogeneous forest

Forest of 1000 trees of 10 species *
  • A superb and promising forest

Heterogeneous forest

Forest of 1000 trees of 20 species
  • A safe shelter for many animals

Beautiful diversified forest

Forest of 1000 trees of 40 species
  • The promise of a magnificent canopy

* For an additional 10.- you can also influence the type of species:

Mix "pioneer trees”

+ 10.-

Mix "large trees".

+ 10.-

Mix "feeder trees”

+ 10.-

Mix "noble trees”

+ 10.-

Mix "protective shafts”

+ 10.-

To Make a Gift

A proverb to embellish your message?

  • Anyone can count the seeds of an apple, only God can count the apples of a seed
  • They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds (Mexican proverb).
  • The tree does not withdraw its shade, even at the woodcutter’s (Indian proverb; The Dictionary of Indian Proverbs and Sayings (1980))
  • A tree that falls makes much noise; a forest that sprouts is not heard (Gandhi)
  • The one who has planted a tree has not lived in vain (African proverb; Africa in Proverbs (1905))
  • In the forest, when the branches quarrel, the roots embrace (African proverb)
  • The smallest seed often produces the largest tree (Indian proverb; Popular maxims of India (1858)).
  • Listen to the forest that grows rather than the tree that falls (Friedrich Hegel)
  • No path leads to the tree that bears no fruit (African proverb; Africa in Proverbs (1905)).
  • There is no tree that has not felt the force of the wind (Afghan proverb; The Dictionary of Afghan Proverbs and Sayings (1980)).
  • Whoever leans against a tall tree always finds shade (Albanian proverb; Albanian proverbs and sayings (1960))
  • Each seed knows its moment
  • To reach the top of the tree, you have to aim for the sky (Swedish proverb; Swedish Proverbs and Sayings (1822)).
  • Never hesitate to sow (Latin proverb)
  • They sowed the word “tomorrow” and it didn’t sprout.
  • Dreams are the seeds of change
  • Who sows light, harvests thick (French proverb)
  • Everyone believes that the fruit is the essential part of the tree, when in reality it is the seed (Friedrich Nietzsche).
  • Don’t carry the axe at the foot of the tree that sheltered you during the storm (oriental proverb; Les apologues et contes orientales (1784))
  • A tree overturned by the wind had more branches than roots (Chinese proverb; The Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs (1980)).
  • Too nimble feet make the tree fall (Thai proverb; The Dictionary of Thai Proverbs (1980))
  • Fruits do not fall far from the tree (Thai proverb; The Dictionary of Thai Proverbs (1980))
  • One tree falls, plants another (Burmese proverb; The Dictionary of Burmese Proverbs (1980))
  • A good tree can house ten thousand birds (Burmese proverb; The Dictionary of Burmese Proverbs (1980))
  • Stamps the wax when it is hot, and straightens the tree when it is young (Persian proverb; Persian proverbs and sayings (1822))
  • Tall trees take a long time to grow; it only takes a moment to knock them down (Persian proverb; Persian proverbs and sayings (1822))
  • Never speak of a tree before seeing the fruits it bears (Persian proverb; Persian proverbs and sayings (1822))
  • One must honour the oak tree under which one lives (Icelandic proverb; Scandinavian proverbs and sayings (1960))
  • The tall oak tree does not fall at the first blow (Latin proverb; Proverbia latina (1908)).
  • The tree that is cut down makes more noise than the forest that grows (Chinese proverb; The most beautiful proverbs of China (1803))
  • A falling tree makes more noise than a thousand growing trees (Japanese proverb; Japanese proverbs and sayings (1962))
  • The tree stripped of its leaves is the lover of cyclones (Indian proverb; The book of Hindustani proverbs)
  • Tree transplanted too often, if it does not die, rarely bears fruit (agricultural proverb; Les proverbes agricoles du Sud-Ouest de la France (1869))

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