An inclusive approach

Planting trees is one of the gentlest ways to fight against global warming by fostering the development of human beings at the same time. The aim of arboRise is to reforest, while involving those directly concerned.

Current reforestation projects, which try to resist desertification, are often not aimed at the people: village chiefs are given money to encourage their communities not to cut down trees. As soon as they stop paying, deforestation starts again. This is not sustainable.

This is why arboRise aims to work with families in bush villages who own one of the 40 species of trees chosen in the project (biodiversity is key to ensure sustainability). These trees produce seeds that nobody uses today. Our approach is participatory: arboRise pays these families for harvesting the seeds from their trees. By rewarding the harvesting of the seeds, not only can we provide them with a supplementary income, we can also encourage these families to protect their trees. Consequently, this is also an opportunity to create awareness among the younger generations of the importance of nature conservation through examples set by their parents.

The project is being carried out in Guinea (Conakry) due to the strong rainy season in this region, which favours the growth of vegetation. Guinea is called “the water tower of West Africa” because three important rivers are born there and provide water to several Sahel countries suffering from recurrent drought (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger). It is therefore particularly important to preserve the conditions that foster the birth of these rivers.

It is the region of Upper Guinea, close to Mali, that suffers most from the drying up caused by the Harmattan, a wind that comes from the Sahara. Living conditions there are increasingly difficult. Therefore arboRise has chosen this location: the beneficial impact will be all the more important. The project starts on uninhabited mountains to the east of the small town of Kérouané and the families who will supply the seeds will come from neighbouring villages.


The seeds will be used to reforest areas that have become barren due to deforestation. The idea here is also to rely on local skills. On the one hand, for mixing the seeds of all 40 tree species to boost biodiversity. On the other hand, for dissemination “on the fly” on the land chosen by the community. This short circuit reduces the number of intermediaries between donors and local families.

As a donor you will know exactly which family you have helped and which land you have contributed to reforestation.

arboRise is aimed at donors (ideally families) from high-income countries who want to fight global warming and at the same time provide a significant support to some of the world’s poorest families and a respectful incentive to care for their forest heritage. Valuing local species will, in the medium term, revitalize traditional practices linked to the use of wood products.

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