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The first virtuous circle generated by your donations: To collect 2,5 million seeds per year arboRise is asking 250 local farming families. Each of these 250 families has a tree from the « 40 local species » chosen by arboRise. Each family that harvests the seeds of its tree for arboRise is interested in preserving this forest heritage. While many people in Guinea are forced to cut down their trees for heating and cooking, your donations help limit this deforestation and provide the seeds needed for reforestation.

The second virtuous circle set up by arboRise consists of reintroducing so-called seed trees where there were no more, and thus naturally restarting a generation of trees. Knowing that a single néré tree (parkia biglobosa) can produce 300,000 seeds per year, it is understandable that even if the thousands of seeds that arboRise sow on one hectare lead only to the germination of one single tree, this seed tree will be enough to repopulate an entire forest on its own.
The third virtuous circle is the fact that the forest itself attracts insects, then birds, then their predators, all of which contribute to enriching the soil with their droppings. The simple fact that the forest loses its foliage every year initiates many natural processes that favour life in all its forms. Eventually the forest also contributes to agricultural activities since it provides shade and fodder for cows and goats, it helps to slow down soil erosion and it functions as a sponge that retains rainwater and re-distributes it in the form of springs or moisture favourable to crops. In addition to this, arboRise also offers the benefits of the many products from the trees selected by arboRise, for example:

Discover the many virtues of the trees chosen by arboRise here.

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