Would you like to contribute to the fight against global warming with a donation? Thank you so much!

It’s really simple: with Fr. 200 (190 Euro) you can help to reforest an area of 100 metres x 100 metres (one hectare) with a mix of 10’000 seeds of 40 tropical tree species. In addition, your donation brings a welcomed extra income directly to those who need it most (the farming families who harvest the seeds, the people who coat the seeds and then sow them – (your entire donation is spent in Upper Guinea):

In Europe, each person in her own country consumes energy for about 4.5 tonnes of CO2 each year. If you add indirect consumption and if you consider not only energy, then the annual consumption for a Swiss person is 13 tonnes of CO2 per person (it is more or less the same in the surrounding countries). A household (2.23 people on average) therefore consumes about 30 tonnes of CO2 per year (which makes 8 tonnes of carbon). Given that a tropical forest has a net primary production of about 12 tons of carbon per year and per hectare. Your donation of CHF 200 will thus simply reabsorb the CO2 emitted by your household in one year.

Your donation of 200.- is well invested

One hectare of forest: as large as Trafalgar Square

12 tons of carbon is 800 boxes of wood

...the CO2 that a household consumes each year

With arboRise, for all donations of CHF 200 or more, you will receive an annual aerial documentation of the hectare that you have helped to reforest. This way you can see your impact on the ground first-hand.

In Switzerland, donations can be deducted from your tax return in accordance with the  conditions in effect. A certificate is sent to you at the beginning of the year for donations of CHF 100 or more. Your donation will be treated confidentially (your identity will not be published or given to third parties) unless you wish your name to appear in the list of donors (paid service for companies).

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