Our convictions and principles of action

arboRise is a non-profit association that fights global warming through reforestation. It applies natural reforestation methods that strengthen biodiversity by encouraging local populations to take ownership of and enhance the value of their forest heritage (statutes).

arboRise is a community of volunteers. No employees, no marketing budget. The texts and images come from people like you and me, who are passionately committed. No retouched images, no “fake”. Everything is authentic and transparent, with its qualities and room for improvement.

arboRise’s activities are carried out by a committed committee that is convinced of the virtues of diversity:

arboRise aims to constantly improve its reforestation activities by experimenting with new approaches and to share the results of these experiments. The more arboRise’s methods are copied by others, the more the association’s goal is achieved. In the same spirit, arboRise carries out awareness-raising activities to show the usefulness of reforestation as a means of combating global warming.

ArboRise started its activities in tropical regions because this is where reforestation has the best impact on CO2 storage. It is quite possible that the association will extend its action to temperate climate regions.

arboRise relies on local expertise and maintains a close link with official institutions and civil society, particularly regarding the choice of areas to be reforested and the families who harvest the seeds:

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arboRise forges partnerships with the organisations best able to implement its objectives in the field. These reputable and recognized organisations apply the methods and quality standards defined by arboRise.

arboRise measures its impact using the following indicators:

arboRise conducts its activities in compliance to quality requirements. From a financial point of view, it is regularly audited by Zewo.

If you have any further questions about our activities please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the FAQ page.

arboRise’s activities are carried out by a committed committee that is convinced of the virtues of diversity:


Philippe Nicod


« The reason I engage my energy in arboRise now, is because there are only 10 years left before climate change is irreversible »

Mariame Camara

Vice Présidente

"Originally from the village of Damaro in Upper Guinea, it is obvious to me that we must act to help the population avoid deforestation"

Jacques Zwahlen


"ArboRise's innovative approach convinced me with its transparency, its agile flexibility and its ambition to share its experiences"

Florence Grivel


“Biodiversity is close to my heart and arboRise makes it a real priority. And I like the idea that I contribute to the birth and growth of forests "

Laurent Douek


“I like this reforestation project because it is ambitious and uses innovative technology. It also ensures the engagement and involvement of local communities. "

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